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The Importance of Senior Eye Exams in Las Vegas

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Many of our physical complaints occur as a byproduct of the natural aging process. The eyes are no exception - vision problems and eye diseases can become both increasingly likely and troublesome over time. However, these changes in vision can occur so gradually that you may not be aware of them until the condition has worsened. That's why the optometrists at Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen feel so strongly about making Las Vegas residents aware of the need to schedule senior eye exams at regular intervals.

Age-related eye disorders generally start to become a problem after the age of 60, although some can start earlier in life. Some of these conditions include:

  • Cataracts - Most people develop some degree of cataracts if they live long enough. This condition is a progressive clouding of the lens that causes bright lights to produce sparky "halos" or other blurring effects. You may also have difficulty seeing colors, making out shadow details, or coping with glare.
  • Macular Degeneration - This retinal disorder slowly robs sufferers of their central field of vision, while the peripheral ranges may remain intact. This makes it difficult or impossible to recognize faces, read, drive, or watch TV.
  • Glaucoma – A condition in which there is an increase in eye pressure as a result of the fluid within failing to drain normally. The buildup in pressure can eventually damage the optic nerve, causing progressive, irreversible vision loss.

The sooner these age-related eye disorders can be detected, the sooner they can be treated -- and the sooner treatment is initiated, the better the chance that your condition can be controlled or (in the case of cataracts) corrected. Simple vision tests can be administered to detect some of these issues; for instance, if you see a wavy patch when viewing a grid of straight lines, it could mean macular degeneration.

A senior eye exam includes a full array of tests to measure the muscular coordination between eyes, peripheral vision acuity, and ability to recognize colors. Your optometrist may also measure your eye pressure, examine your retinas, and test how well your pupils respond to light. If you have an eye disorder, you'll be referred to the appropriate specialist for treatment and receive counseling on how to protect your eyes.

Talk to the Optometrists at Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen

If you're concerned about providing your aging eyes (or those of someone you love) with the proper degree of professional care and attention, speak with the skilled optometrists at Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen. We maintain clinics at ten different locations in the Las Vegas area. Choose from our convenient offices inside the Pearl Vision Centers in Rainbow, Sahara, Nellis and Sunset, or inside the Lenscrafters at Lake Mead, Boulevard Mall, Fashion Show Mall, Meadows Mall, Galleria Mall and St. Rose. We want you to get the most out of your vision!